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Principals Encouraged To Retire

Board Anticipating School Closures

A package of early-retirement incentives for principals and assistant principals was approved on Monday by the Oklahoma City school board.

The board is anticipating school closures and consolidations of school buildings.

Supt. Sean McDaniel said once the anticipated closures occur “there would be fewer schools than principals.”

“As the district moves forward with our Pathway to Greatness project, we know change is certain,” the superintendent said in a statement.

“I am pleased to bring forward this opportunity to honor and appreciate the service of our building administrators while also working to avoid a Reduction In Force if at all possible.”

Eligible building administrators have 21 days beginning Tuesday to consider the incentive program. The district is offering $8,000 to principals and $5,000 to assistant principals to participate.

Supt. McDaniel announced in November that an unknown number of schools would either be closed or used for other purposes and boundary lines that would better serve the district.

He is expected to present the three best options for school closures or consolidations to the board Jan. 22.

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