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Metro Tech Bond Issue Passes With Ease

Voters overwhelmingly approved a Metro Tech bond issue on the March 5 ballot.

Yes vote received was 1,606 (71 percent) and the no vote received was 656 (29 percent).

The $80 million bond issue will allow the technology school district to go forward with plans to expand programs and meeting demands for aerospace, health care, scientific, technology, engineering and public safety industries.

State budget cuts had prevented the school district from pursuing expansion plans, it had been said.

With the $80 million, Metro Tech can build safe rooms accessible to the community, update the district’s aerospace program and make renovations in law enforcement and fire safety program facilities, it was said.

Some of the bond issue yield will be used to improve facilities used for construction trades programs and to make improvements in the health careers building.

In addition, funds will be used to make student safety and security improvements, to make parking lot and driveway improvements and to make additions to the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics program.

Supt. Cecelia Robinson Woods of the Millwood Public School District supported the adoption of the bond issue.

“Clearly, this is an important bond issue that merits the support of voters,” Supt. Woods said. ..To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper