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Shelter Planned

To Help Victims Of Sex-Trafficking

An area non-profit organization that serves victims of human trafficking has launched a fundraising campaign to open a 24-hour shelter for sex-trade victims.

The Dragonfly Home wants to raise $350,000 to purchase a property and operate as the only shelter of its type in the metropolitan area.

Since it received certification in 2016 from the Victim Services Unit at the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, The Dragonfly Home has served more than 250 victims of human trafficking through its non-residential program. The agency has fielded more than 2,500 calls to its 24-hour helpline during the same period.

While some sex-trafficking victims don’t need shelter, The Dragonfly Home has driven others more than 1,000 miles to find long-term safety, said Whitney Anderson, co-founder and executive director of the agency.

“So often we get hotline calls from survivors of sex-trafficking who need emergency shelter,” she said. ..To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper