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Nice Tells Mayor: ‘I Don’t Want It!’

Effort by Councilwoman to Derail An Economic Development Plan Is Foiled

Newly-elected City Councilwoman Nikki Nice (Ward 7) stormed into Mayor David Holt’s office early last week and demanded that a long-in-the-works potentially millions of dollars plan for the economic development of NE 23rd Street and Martin Luther King Avenue be scuttled.

Believing she had flexed her political muscles, the councilwoman left the mayor’s office confident she had succeeded.

But that was a short-lived muscle-flexing.

Hours after the meeting, Mayor Holt consulted with at least one northeast Oklahoma City civic leader and with Cathy O’Connor, executive director of the Alliance for Economic Development, the redevelopment agency working on the project, and announced that the redevelopment plan is now “back on track,” Mrs. O’Connor said to The Black Chronicle.

Mayor Holt has made it clear that he is fully in support of the plan for the northeast quadrant wellness center going forward.

Councilwoman Nice’s power-play had been foiled.

“I don’t want it!” she declared, seeming to say that since she is the new power in northeast Oklahoma City, she wants the plan to build a wellness center in that area be relocated to an area of her choice.

“Any where but NE 23rd and MLK,” she loudly told the mayor early last week.

The wellness center planned for the area is to be run by Langston University. ..To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper