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List Released of School Closings

A list of public schools that are to be closed has been released by Supt. Sean McDaniel.

The list was revealed at a public meeting held by the school board at the Northeast Academy of Health Sciences and Engineering.

The elementary schools to be closed are Edgemere, Edwards, Gatewood, Green Pastures, Horace Mnn, Johnson, Oakridge, Pierce, Putnam Heights, Rancho Village, Sequoyah and North Highland.

Also on the list is Oklahoma Centennial Mid-High School.

Four schools--Edgemere, Gatewood, Johnson and North Highland--were previously targeted for closure by then-Supt. Aurora Lora.

In one or more of the proposals, Hawthorne, Linwood, Shidler, Spencer, Telstar, Van Bu

ren and Westwood Elementary Schools would close, along with Rogers Middle School.

In each proposal presented to the school board, Capitol Hill, Greystone, Martin Luther King, Mary Golda Ross, and Parmelee Elementary Schools would become middle schools.

In two of three proposals, Wheeler Elementary would be converted into a middle schools.

Four charter schools--KIPP Reach, Seaworth South, Harding Fine Arts and Harding Charter Prep--will be relocated.

KIPP, which has shared space for several years with F.D. Moon Academy, will occupy the building at 1901 NE 13th St., in the coming school year.

The district plans to work with school leaders to relocate students who attend Harding Fine Arts/Charter Prep and Seeworth South to alternate facilities because those buildings are “not suitable for kids,” Supt. McDaniel said.

Closures and consolidations are only part of the three proposals. ..To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper