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Ex-dean calls for OU president to resign

NORMAN--The former dean of the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma called for President Jim Gallogly to resign immediately during a rally Tuesday.

Suzette Grillot, who was removed as dean Friday, claimed in a letter to friends and colleagues the move was retaliation after she spoke out over the OU Board of Regents’ hiring process and “selection of President Gallogly via a secret search.”

“That’s ludicrous and inaccurate,” OU Provost Kyle Harper said.

“As part of our urgent need to stabilize the institutions finances, the university is going through a comprehensive review of every program on campus, both academic and administrative, looking for ways to be more efficient,” Harper said. “Every department is going through this.”

Grillot was not on board with budget cuts in the College of International Studies, which include pulling out of the Brazilian Study Center in Rio de Janeiro, Harper said.

“That is the single most heavily subsidized program on campus and the costs don’t justify the benefits,” he said.

Harper said the college had overextended into too many programs and too many places, so OU is cutting programs that are “more expensive than defensible.”

In a statement posted online, Grillot wrote: “After many months of trying to prevent the new administration from minimizing international education at the university and significantly reducing support for study abroad, global awareness, international student services and multicultural inclusion, President Gallogly and Provost Harper terminated my position as Dean.”

Harper said the university remains committed its ..To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper