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Child Safety Center Of Planned Lawsuit

DHS Says ‘No Merit’ To Claims

The local chapter of the NAACP said it will be working with a local attorney to file a class-action lawsuit against the Oklahoma Department of Human Services over allegations of mistreatment of foster children under the department’s care.

A statement from DHS denies there is any legitimacy to the allegations.

A spokesman for the local civil rights group said it represents dozens of families and DHS caseworkers.

The plaintiffs in the case are seeking monetary damages and change in the system, which they said, not only fails to protect children, but also puts them in harm’s way.

The DHS caseworkers, who told television news reporters in a 2017 investigation about high caseloads and the danger that puts children in, will be part of the lawsuit.

As will Dahn Gregg, who spoke to KWTV (Channel 9) the day she was fired after she raised concerns about dangerous foster homes.

“As workers, they should be able to go and say this is a problem, and someone should listen to them and take care of it,” said Mrs. Gregg.

“These are children….We are responsible for the safety of these children.”

Mrs. Gregg’s attorney Rachel Bussett, said she has also heard from several families whose children were harmed while in DHS care.

A spokesman for the local NAACP said the civil rights group has also received complaints from families.

“We have family after family with the same problem, and you can’t have the same problem with different families that have no connection,” said Dana Brockway, who is with the Oklahoma City branch.

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