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Earlier An Expansion Is Planned

The northeast quadrant’s only supermarket is scheduled to be closed on Monday, The Black Chronicle has learned.
Smart Saver (2001 NE 23rd St.) will be closed after Monday, it was confirmed yesterday by the manager of the grocery store.

Attempts to reach Simone Graves, a public relations spokesman for the Buy for Less Co., were unsuccessful.
With the pending closing of the store on NE 23rd Street, the northeast quadrant will be without a full-service grocery supermarket.

The decision to close the supermarket came as a shock to many, since the store had an enthusiastic beginning when the Buy for Less supermarket chain purchased the store some years ago from Hometown Grocery Stores, which had operated the store for decades.

Initially, the Buy for Less Co. tagged the location as one of its Buy for Less stores, with the store being championed for its fresh meats and produce and groceries that were being sold at completive prices.

A few months after the store opened with the Buy for Less tag, the store boasted the addition of a new delicatessen that featured on-site offerings of sandwiches and salads, as well as dessert selections.

After that, with some flourish, the grocery chain announced major redevelopment plans for the Martin Luther King Avenue and NE 23rd Street location...To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper