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Lawsuit Dismissal Sought

Resignations Called for At A Meeting

The school district asked a federal judge to throw out the Oklahoma County District Court lawsuit filed against the board some weeks ago.

A school board member and the Northeast High School Alumni Association filed the lawsuit in Oklahoma County District Court. The superintendent and the chairman of the board are named as defendants.

This week, Board Member Charles Henry called for the resignations of Supt. Sean McDaniel and Board Chairman Paula Lewis.

The school board has acted to close the Northeast Academy of Health Sciences & Engineering, a long and historic presence in the northeast quadrant, and have the Classen school of Advanced Studies to replace it.

The lawsuit seeks to have the board to reconsider the renaming.
An argument broke out among school board members at Monday’s board meeting.
The board filed the motion to dismiss the lawsuit on Monday.

The heated argument began when Board Member Henry demanded the McDaniel and Lewis resignations.
Board Member Henry accused the superintendent and board chairman of lying to the alumni association even as they planned to have Classen School move into the Northeast Academy building.

“If you are in a position where you are a superintendent or you are a board chair and you lie to the public, in my opinion, I think that you may need to resign,” Board Member Henry said at Monday’s meeting.
“This is an outrage and you all need to resign unless you do right by these people,” he continued.

After the meeting, Board Member Henry said alumni members complained that Supt. McDaniel and Board Chairman Lewis promised the two schools would be merged.

But, now, he said, Northeast Academy has been closed and Classen School has moved into the building.
Richard Clark, president of the alumni association, said last month that district officials lied when they promised parents and graduates that Northeast Academy would be equally combined with Classen School.

He said the removal of Northeast academy’s name, colors and mascot means there was never a plan to merge the two schools, but only a plan “for a takeover.”

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