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Police Investigate Racially-Motivated Shooting Threat at a Middle School

Boy Said He Received Messages

Police are investigating a racially-motivated shooting threat against Capitol Hill Middle School.
Officers took a report on Monday from a 13-year-old Hispanic boy, who said he received threatening messages over social media.

He said his classmates were warning each other of someone posting about “going to Capitol Hill Middle School, and shooting all the black and Hispanic students inside,” investigating officers reported.
The person making the threats is believed to have said the shooting was intended to take place Tuesday, according to investigating officers.

The boy told police he added the suspect’s username to his “friends list” to see if the rumors were true, investigators reported.

“[The boy] said [the suspect] then began to message him threatening him and telling him that he would shoot him in the head and that he would see him tomorrow,” according to a police report.
The public school district stationed

Oklahoma City Public Schools stationed additional security at the middle school campus on Tuesday while officers investigated the posts.

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