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OCU Deals With Racial Profiling Allegations

Resolution: Ban Two Chapters

Officials at Oklahoma City University and student leaders are dealing with an allegation of racial profiling by campus police and the use of a racial slur by students.

Two campus officers resigned in September on the same day the student newspaper reported that a university employee had accused one of the officers of racial profiling.

Two weeks ago, the Student Government Association passed a resolution, which requested that the Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter and the Alpha Phi sorority chapter suspend operations on campus.

That resolution was passed after members of the chapters created a soccer tournament team named the “Porch Monkeys,” considered to be a racial slur used to refer to Blacks.

“It has been a difficult few weeks at OCU and I’d like to ask for your help as we move forward from this difficult time,” Martha Burger, president of the university, said in an e-mail to students , adding that she plans to establish new diversity initiatives.

The Campus, the OCU student newspaper, reported on Sept. 11 that Anthony Edwards, a library staff-member, filed complaints alleging that Lieut. Michael Kavenius singled him out because of his race and threatened a human resources complaint.

Mr. Edwards, who is Back,said Lieut. Kavenius accused him of making Facebook posts about the campus police lieutenant’s previous history in law enforcement.

Students had been posting articles on an OCU Facebook page about Lieut. Kavenius hjaving been fired from a police department in Wyoming after he used a Taser on a 76-year-old man driving a tractor in a parade.

Mr. Edwards said Lieut. Kavenius approached him at the library on July 10, accused him of making the Facebook posts and threatened to contact the human resources department.

Lieut. Kavenius came back later with campus Chief of Police Rusty Pyle and accused Mr. Edwards again, the library staff-member said.

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