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‘Hit-Man,’ Actually, an Undercover Cop
Jordan, in Jail For Carjacking,Hatches Plot?

A robbery suspect and his associate are facing murder-for-hire charges, and are accused of trying to have his carjacking victims killed prior to his court date.

Gregory Jordan, 30, and Andrea Boyiddle, 32, are charged in the alleged plot.
According to court documents, Mr. Jordan was in the Oklahoma County Jail when he made calls to Miss Boyiddle, organizing the murder-for-hire plot.

“He was in the jail when he was trying to get this plot going and was using the female to facilitate it outside of the jail walls,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, a spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department.

That murder was of two women, who said they were victims of a carjacking at the hands of Mr. Jordan.
The two women told police that Mr. Jordan got in their car and held them at gunpoint, “demanding they drive or they will die,” court documents said.

After driving for about an hour, the victims said Mr. Jordan demanded they hand over all their belongings, get out of the car and run.

Mr. Jordan then told the victims if they called the police, he would find them and kill them, a police report said.
“Now, fortunately, investigators were able to intervene before anything actually happened,” Sgt. Morgan said.
In the phone call at the jail, Mr. Jordan and Miss Boyiddle discussed a hit-man, police believe.

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