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Business in Oklahoma

2 Oklahoma cities where it's best to start a business

Internet high-five coming your way, Tulsa, because you’re one of the best cities to start a business in!

WalletHub compiled a list of the 150 best cities to start a business in based on two dimensions and 13 metrics, which are explained in depth here. But here are the basics: Access to Resources - Total Weight: 5

Financing Accessibility (Total Annual Value of Small Business Loans Divided by Total Number of Businesses): Full Weight Office Space Affordability (Cost per Square Foot): Full Weight Employee Availability (Number of Job Openings Minus Number of Unemployed Residents): Full Weight Median Annual Income (Labor Costs): Full Weight Business Environment - Total Weight: 5

Corporate Taxes: Full Weight Cost of Living: Full Weight Length of Average Workday: Full Weight Workforce Education Level (Percentage of Population with at Least a Bachelor's Degree): Full Weight Entrepreneurial Activity: Half* Weight Five-Year Establishment Survival Rate: Half* Weight Number of Small Businesses Per Capita: Half Weight Industry Variety: Half Weight Small Business Friendliness Index: Half* Weight Based on that, Tulsa ranked No. 2, just behind Shreveport, La. Tulsa’s “Access to Resources” rank is 18 and “Business Environment” rank is 1.

Oklahoma City also made the list, coming in at No. 21. Its “Access to Resources” and “Business Environment” ranks are 43 and 14, respectively.