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"If I was you and I had a camera right now, where I would go is a little city called Bompton," Snoop Dogg told us last year. "It's Compton, but it's where the Bloods is at. Because they put a B in front of anything so it's Bompton." We took Snoop's advice.

Compton, California, is one of hip-hop's most celebrated locales, the birthplace of acts like N.W.A. and, more recently, Kendrick Lamar. It's also home to a complicated gang culture. Noisey Bompton centers around Kendrick Lamar and the friends he grew up with on the West Side of Compton, many of whom feature on the cover of his album To Pimp A Butterfly. In the first of six segments, we sit down with Kendrick to talk about his acclaimed albums, pay a visit to his high school, Centennial, and get to know his childhood friend Lil L.

Noisey Bompton is a new documentary made by the people who brought you Noisey Atlanta and Noisey Chiraq. It's the first episode in a new series, NOISEY, on VICE's upcoming TV channel VICELAND. Each episode focuses on a different city, its major stars, and the stories and issues that influence its music scene.

Noisey premieres on VICELAND March 1 at 10PM, and Tuesdays at the same time each week after that. More info on VICELAND, and how to watch it, here:

Executive Producer: Andy Capper

Host: Zach Goldbaum

Supervising Editor: Matthew Murphy

Producers: Scott Pierce, Gregory "Beef" Jones, Shadeed G-Weed Muhammad, Jay Worthy

For Viceland & Noisey: Executive Producers: Patrick Moses & Trevor Silmser