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Bottle Service Legislation Passes House

A bill that would allow Oklahoma businesses to offer “bottle service” has passed off the House Floor with a bipartisan vote of 90 to 9.

House Bill 2651, authored by Rep. Ajay Pittman (D-OKC), provides a definition of “bottle service” as used in the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control Act to mean the sale and provision of spirits in their original packages by a mixed beverage licensee to be consumed in that mixed beverage licensee’s club suite.

“This legislation is more about economic development than alcohol,” Rep. Pittman said. “Since the addition of the Thunder, Oklahoma City has continued to grow. That growth has brought us opportunities to expand business and provide people with unique nightlife experience to accommodate high end entertainment.”

The measure provides a definition of “club suite” to mean a designated area within the premises of a mixed beverage licensee as an exclusive space. The measure allows a mixed beverage license holder to sell spirits in a club suite.

“It’s an exciting time for Oklahoma business in different industries to see the bottle service bill pass through the committee and the House floor,” said Chris Byram, Rogers Concepts. “The new bill allows for the State of Oklahoma to be able to compete with major states that allow bottle service in hopes to keep tourism revenue here in Oklahoma as well as bring future potential revenue.

If passed, this bill will help to make our current venues stronger and will also make our state attractive to major out of state corporations looking to bring better economic development to Oklahoma.”

House Bill 2651 now moves to the Senate chamber for consideration. Senator George Young Sr. (D-OKC) is the Senate Author of this bill.

“I am so pleased to be part of the process of Rep. Pittman moving legislation to statue and making a positive impact on our community,” said Dr. Young.

Pittman shares that the success of this bill will also promote revenue in our state and help retain jobs that we tend to overlook in this industry.

“Having successfully been in the hospitality industry in Oklahoma for 20 plus years, I am very thrilled for the possibility of a new chapter,” said Jeff Rogers, Rogers Concepts. “The passing of this bill would be very monumental, not only for my industry but Oklahoma in general. It will open doors to more economic growth, more local jobs and more opportunity for local businesses to grow off tourism that would normally leave our state.

The passing of this bill helps modernize our laws and ultimately make our state a larger attraction to out of state business.

This bill, if signed by Governor Stitt, will prove to elevate our Big League City. Due to the passing of a previous bill, House Bill 2186, from former Sen. David Holt and Sen. Anastasia Pittman, we have new retail jobs, entertainment, and a movie theatre underway in House District 99 north of Wilshire on I-235 on the eastside of the Highway.

“We’re always in a competition with other states for residents and visitors who expect the same entertainment options they find in other places,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt. “Sometimes that means modernizing our laws to allow consumers to have freedom of choice and entrepreneurs to explore business models that are popular around the country.

I commend Rep. Pittman for working on these modernization issues so our economy can continue to grow.”

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