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OCCC Enhances Popular

OKC-GO Program

OKC-GO 2.0 will help more students’ complete college

Oklahoma City –Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) is updating its popular OKC-GO program, and students will find they have a lot to gain from the changes. The original OKC-GO allowed eligible high school graduates from select high schools to attend OCCC tuition free. The update to the program is designed to help more students not just attend college, but leave with a completed degree.

The updated version of the program, called OKC-GO 2.0, has all of the same benefits of the initial program, but also removes the time limit to graduation and includes fees in what is covered.

“It’s as close to a guaranteed degree as you can get,” said Jon Horinek, Director of Recruitment and Admissions. “The OKC-GO 2.0 program is trying to eliminate some of the biggest barriers to completing a degree: cost and time.”

The college estimates the program will save each student more than $10,000.

OKC-GO started in 1999 with only Oklahoma City Public Schools. In 2008, the program expanded to include the Western Heights school system. Since these two school systems support OCCC through local property taxes, it was logical for the college to give back to them through the OKC-GO program.

Currently the college admits about 300 new OKC-GO participants each fall, with most coming from Western Heights, U.S. Grant High School and Southeast High School.

“The program definitely has grown over the past 15 years and it’s more popular in some schools than others,” said Horinek. “We really hope OKC-GO 2.0 attracts more students—it’s such a great way to pay for college.”

Students who graduate from one of the following schools and start college at OCCC in the same year are eligible for OKC-GO 2.0: ASTEC, Capitol Hill, Centennial, Classen School of Advanced Studies, Dove Science Academy, Douglass, Emerson, Harding Charter, John Marshall, John Wesley, Northeast Academy, Northwest Classen, Pathways, Renew, Santa Fe South, S.A.V.E Academy, Seeworth, Southeast, Star Spencer, U.S. Grant and Western Heights.

Students are also required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but the OKC-GO 2.0 program has no income limits.

“Most of our students do qualify for other aid, but 10% of our OKC-GO students don’t qualify for any other financial aid,” said Horinek. “We require the FAFSA because we don’t want them to miss out on any free aid they deserve.”

According to Horinek, at the national level, 40% of students who would qualify for financial aid don’t even apply.

To maintain OKC-GO 2.0 eligibility, a student must complete the FAFSA each year and maintain satisfactory academic progress. They do not need to be enrolled full-time, but must take 6 hours of classes each fall and spring semester until they graduate. Students should apply to the program as early as possible in the spring semester of their senior year.

Horinek recommends that students and parents fill out the FAFSA as soon as they get their taxes done.

For more information about OCCC and the OKC-GO 2.0 program, call 405-682-7580, e-mail or visit