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Doubt Trumps

The Republicans who aren't backing Donald Trump

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has turned off a growing number of his party’s members. His brash profile and controversial comments have caused elected officials and party elites to disavow his candidacy and, in some cases, support Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Yahoo News compiled a list of these Republicans below. Last updated Aug. 11, 2016.

Former Presidents and presidential nominees Former president George H.W. Bush.

Former President George W. Bush.

Former first lady Barbara Bush.

Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Ex-2016 presidential candidates

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Sitting or former governors and members of Congress

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake.

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

Michigan Rep. Fred Upton.

New York Rep. Richard Hanna.

Illinois Rep. Bob Dold.

Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell.

Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent.

Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey.

Former South Dakota Sen. Larry Pressler.

Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman.

Former Minnesota Sen. David Durenberger.

Former Michigan Gov. William Milliken.

Former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson.

Former Minnesota Rep. Vin Weber.

Former Maryland Rep. Connie Morella.

Former Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays.

Former government officials in GOP administrations

Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

Former National Security Advisor Brent Snowcroft.

Former Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulsen.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte.

Former Treasury Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Carla Hills.

Former Reagan spokesperson Doug Elmets.


Bill Kristol.

Erik Erickson.

George Will.

Business leaders and donors

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman.

Former General Motors CEO Don Akerson.

ATT Executive Jim Cicconi.

Koch Industries executives Charles and David Koch.

Notable GOP operatives

Republican strategist Karl Rove.

Sally Bradshaw, former aide to Jeb Bush.

Maria Comela, former top aide to Chris Christie.

Mark Salter, former chief of staff to John McCain.

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