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Number of Black Female Owned Businesses on the Rise

African American female business owners are the largest growing group of entrepreneurs in the nation. For Krystal Barclay and Ashleigh Edwards they have always wanted to be their own bosses.

African-American Women are now the fastest growing group of business owners in the U.S.

This is according to a report released this week that looks at the state of women-owned businesses around the nation.

According to the study, from 1997 to 2015, black-female owned businesses have grown by 322 percent.

"I was scared, entrepreneurship is a faith walk and you have to step out because you don't know what's going to happen," says Krystal Barcla about her experience starting a company.

One year ago, Barclay quit her massage therapy job at a local spa. Today she's her own boss.

"The older I got I realized, I can't work for someone," says Barclay. "That doesn't work for me."

Barclay teamed up with Ashleigh Edwards to open Iconic Sport Performance, which is a basketball and personal training facility.

As a former collegiate basketball player, Edwards drills her clients on the true fundamentals of the game. However, making that crossover to business wasn't easy.

"Being a black woman owning a sport business is crazy because like I said I'm the lead basketball trainer and basketball, women's basketball everywhere is ran by men, especially Columbia," says Edwards.

Iconic Sport Performance is one of 1.3 million black female owned businesses popping up around the nation.

Here in the Midlands, Darrin Thomas with the Thomas Media Group says he's seeing more businesses in the health field.

"Where we have seen growth is in the non-traditional business sector, or business that you have traditionally not seen African-Americans or African American Women in particular," says Thomas.

That's especially true for Barlcay and Edwards.

"Since our business has opened it's just been a beautiful process," says Barclay.

"We're not talking about a glass ceiling any more, it doesn't exist because we've created our own everything," says Edwards.

At the ages of 24 and 28 Barclay and Edwards are living their dream.

Their only hope is too inspire their clients to step out on faith and shoot for their dreams too.

To learn more about Iconic Sport Performance check out this link to the website.

For a look at the American Express OPEN report, check out the link here.