A-List Comedian Will Be Jennifer Hudson’s Love Interest

In Her Next Film

Match made in movie heaven?

After stepping off the Broadway stage in The Color Purple, Jennifer Hudson has lined up her next major gig. The Oscar-winning actress will star opposite a major comedy star as his love interest — making it the first time this star has been in an interracial relationship on screen.

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So, who's the megastar who will break new ground as J-Hud's man? That would be Adam Sandler.

The film is called Sandy Wexler, and it's set in the 1990s. Hudson's character, Courtney Clarke, is a singer discovered by a talent agent, played by Sandler. Unsurprisingly, romantic sparks fly. The film is part of Sandler's four-film deal with Netflix, and will go into production sometime later this year. We'll be sure to add it to our queue when it comes out.


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