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10 of Highest Paid Celebs

Black Celerities

'7 black entertainers make the top 10 of highest paid celebrities list

Several black celebrities had great years in terms of finances. According to Forbes’ top 100 earning celebrities list, seven of the top 10 highest paid celebrities are black.

Beyoncé leads the list by earning $115 million from June 1, 2013, until June 1, 2014. She made most of her money from touring by earning roughly $2.4 million per show. LeBron James followed Beyoncé and earned $72 million, mostly through endorsements and owning a small percentage of Beats By Dre which was sold to Apple for $3 billion.

Dr. Dre came in third due to his 25 percent ownership of his signature headphones. Oprah came in fourth place and earned $82 million through her talk show (which is in syndication) and her OWN network which is finally profitable.

Jay Z was sixth and earned his money by touring and other business ventures such as his 40/40 clubs which is now a franchise. Floyd Mayweather fought twice in a year and earned $105 million from ticket sales and pay-per-view buys.

Rihanna came in at the eighth spot due to her tours and endorsements.