When Reality TV

Gets Real

Woman charged for attacking reality TV star in nightclub

ATLANTA — An Atlanta woman, charged with attacking a reality TV star inside a Sandy Springs nightclub, will remain behind bars, at least until Monday.

Stephanie Harp turned herself in to police Wednesday night on aggravated assault charges stemming from the June 9 incident at Taboo 2 Night Club on Roswell Road that police said ended with Erica Pinkett injured.

Pinkett is a cast member of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” which airs on VH1.

“Apparently it was two individuals involved,” said Sgt. Ron Momon of the Sandy Springs Police Department. “She was hit by one subject with a closed fist and during our investigation, we also found out she was cut with a razor blade.” Momon said witnesses identified Harp as the attacker at the club, and detectives were able to follow up and confirm the information.

“The victim in this case had no chance to defend themselves, because they assaulted the victim and exited the location,” he said. “We have no idea at this point what the motivation was.”

Momon said police were still searching for the second attacker.

After the incident, Pinkett took to Instagram:

"No one understands the pain and hurt I am currently enduring,” she wrote. “When people take reality TV too far, that's where the line draws! I can't speak on the specifics, but everyone involved will be going to jail.”

Pinkett’s manager, Sha’Nod Johnson, told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik he thinks Harp was taking up for her close friend, Bambi Johnson, who co-stars with Pinkett on the show.

In a recent episode, the two are depicted as getting into a fight.

“It was just a bunch of nonsense,” Johnson said. “These people don’t know how to turn reality TV off.”

Taboo 2 Manager Mark Skowronek told Petchenik he wouldn’t be surprised if the attack was a ratings stunt.

“When it comes to the reality TV people, it’s reality TV,” he said.

Channel 2’s Ryan Young spoke to Harp’s lawyer, Jacoby Hudson, outside the Fulton County Jail on Thursday. Bambi Johnson was by Hudson’s side, but did not comment.

“It’s our position that this was a fight where Ms. Harp was defending herself,” said Hudson. “No weapon was used at all.”

Hudson said Pinkett started the fight.

“The alleged victim threw a cup at Ms. Harp and in retaliation, Ms. Harp punched the alleged victim and security broke it up.”