As Strike Continues, Teachers Jeer; Legislators Reject Calls for Revenue

By THOMAS E. SEWARD Special to the Chronicle

As the teachers strike continued, an embittered Legislature was jeered as the State House of Representatives adjourned after rejecting calls for more revenue to fund education.

The jeers and moans of disapproval came from teachers in the gallery.

Presiding officer Josh Cockroft (Rep., Wanette) responded by ordering state troopers and State House sergeants-at-arms to clear the gallery.

The striking teachers quickly quieted and were allowed to remain.

It was that kind of day at the Capitol, as teachers became increasingly vocal in their demands for more education funding on the second day of their strike.

Finding favor with the crowd of frustrated educators, House Democrats used a strategy of introducing procedural motions to bring a Senate education funding bill to the floor.

The House Republican majority was in no mood to hear Senate Bill 1086 and blocked every move...To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper