A New Face

Says Never Shown The Document

By ADAM TROXTELL Norman Transcript

NORMAN--Jabar Shumate issued a statement responding to an internal audit in which the University of Oklahoma alleges the former vice president of diversity misused his state-issued vehicle.

He denies having ever seen or being made aware of the audit and said the reason behind his forced resignation came from his opposition to the university’s plans to reinstate the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

The fraternity chapter was suspended in 2015 following the publication of a video showing members taking part in a racist chant.

Here is Shumate’s statement in full:

“It is disappointing the University of Oklahoma, president Jim Gallogly and general counsel Anil Gollahalli have decided to continue their strategy to assassinate my character.

“Contrary to the claims in the university’s written statement released last night, I was never confronted with an audit.

“The University of Oklahoma has chosen not to disclose the details of their audit directly to me or my attorneys.

“It is clear this information is being made public in an effort to assassinate my character rather than to justify my forced resignation.

“Given the university’s intent to ruin me personally, I am suspect of ...To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper