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Sheriff Seeks To Be Reelectedb

Whetsel Proud of Accomplishments

Special to the Chronicle
Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel will seek reelection, he announced earlier this week percent
“I am proud of what we have accomplished since I was first sworn into office in 1997. The men and women of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office work tirelessly to keep our families, neighborhoods and communities safe,” said Sheriff Whetsel.
“As the population in the unincorporated area increased by almost 500 percent over the last 20 years, the crime rate is down 90% and the traffic crash rate is down 92%,” said Sheriff Whetsel. “Effective crime prevention programs and deputies patrolling and working with our citizens are a primary reason for these decreases.”
“Crime prevention programs work,” he said. “We implemented TRIAD for senior citizens, Reality Check for at-risk teens, Exploring for youth who may want a law enforcement career and School Resource Deputies who teach safety programs, provide safety in schools and interact with students, teachers and parents.”
“We reduced traffic crashes and saved lives by focusing on traffic safety issues,” Sheriff Whetsel added. The Sheriff’s office holds sobriety checkpoints and patrols to take drinking drivers off the streets, emphasizes enforcement of red lights and driving without licenses or insurance, and participates in a multi-agency traffic safety and drug interdiction program.
The Sheriff opened substations in Deer Creek, Midwest City and Quail Springs Mall. SDA applications are accepted at substations and child visitation exchanges are made safely at Quail Springs.
“I believe law enforcement should be nonpartisan. Professional law enforcement isn’t about politics, it’s about fighting crime and keeping our citizens safe,” said Sheriff Whetsel.
John and his wife Mitzi live in Choctaw and attend St. John’s Church in Edmond and St Phillip Neri Church in Midwest City. Their family includes daughters Jonna Sheriff Whetsel, Stacy Moore and grandchildren Kailey and Bailey Moore.
“I am proud of my reputation as a crime fighter and my service for our citizens who are safer today than they were when I was first elected. I appreciate their continued confidence and trust and thank them for their support,” said Sheriff Whetsel.
Sheriff Whetsel began his law enforcement career in 1967, joined the Choctaw Police in 1973 and served as Police Chief for 21 years before to being elected Sheriff. He serves on the Boy Scouts Law Enforcement Exploring National Executive Committee, OK Board of Tests for Alcohol/Drug Influence, OK Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training and other boards.
John is a past president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, OK Association of Chiefs of Police, OK Sheriffs’ Association and OK Sheriff and Peace Officers Association. He chairs the National Sheriff’s Association Traffic Safety Committee, serves on the NSA’s Victim Services Committee, the Chrysler Police Advisory Board, and helped produce traffic safety training videos.
Sheriff Whetsel is a life member of the National Rifle Association and the Oklahoma Rifle Association.
Sheriff Whetsel is the recipient of the J. Stannard Baker Excellence in Traffic Safety National Award, the Oklahoma Rifle Association’s Officer of the Yea in 2011 and 1998 and the Oklahoma County Bar Association’s Liberty Bell Award.
Sheriff John Whetsel

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