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Associate in Charge

Neu’s Status on Hold as He’s Evaluated


Supt. Rob Neu’s status has been put on hold as the Oklahoma City school board evaluates hiims, and the associate superintendent has been put in charge.

Associate Supt. Aurora Lora had been in charge of student achievement and accountability,.

“The board and Mr. Neu will continue to discuss Mr. Neu’s employment with the district,” Board Chairman Lynn Hardin said in a statement released after board members returned from a five-hour meeting behind closed doors.

“At this time, Mr. Neu is out of the office and as this is a personnel matter being discussed in executive session, by law,” the statement continued, “ no board member can comment on this matter.

“Associate Supt. Aurora Lora will assume all the responsibilities of superintendent at this time.”

Supt. Neu did not attend the private meeting and has not submitted his resignation. District officials were in contact with Supt. Neu’s attorney during the meeting.

When asked about his employment situation before the board meeting ended, Neu said, “I cannot comment at this time.”

Board attorney Brandon Carey said the board did not suspend Supt. Neu.

The board called for the special meeting Monday, after Nthe superintendent told some of them he was going to resign last weekend during a district-paid trip to Boston.

Supt. Neu and seven of the board’s eight members were there for the National School Boards Association annual conference when he made his intentions known.

Closed session

The board entered into closed session Thursday night to consider Supt. Neu’s evaluation and employment.

School district employees, media members and some concerned residents waited nearly five hours to

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