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Three Believed To Give Vance Help

Chronicle News Services

Three have been accused Monday in an accessory to murder charge of helping wounded fugitive Michael Dale Vance Jr. in the hours after two Wellston police officers were shot and a Luther couple killed.

The primary defendant, Danny L. Roach, 34, admitted to giving Vance bandages, an AK-47 assault rifle and ammunition and to being a lookout after Vance came to his Oklahoma City home, the Oklahoma County sheriff and sheriff investigators said.

Roach was arrested Friday. Arrested Monday was April Marie Harden, 36, who lived with Roach. Still being sought Monday was Reginald Laday Moore, 33, of Oklahoma City.

All three are charged with two counts of accessory to first-degree murder.

The manhunt for Vance ended Sunday night in western Oklahoma. Vance, 38, was killed by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers during a shoot-out at a roadblock after a pursuit that involved an OHP helicopter.

“We pinned him down,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Chief Ricky Adams said. “He’s dead. …It was pretty dramatic.”

The pursuit began when Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander was shot as he tried to

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