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Pittman Blasted For Voucher Plan Help

Constituents Criticize Her as GOP-Sponsored Bill ‘Killed’

State Sen. Anastasia Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City) has encountered immense criticism for her support of a proposed bill that would allow for vouchers to be used for urban public school students to attend private and parochial schools.

The proposed bill, however, has been “killed” by its Republican sponsor, who has said the proposal had little chance of passing in the State House of Representatives.

But State Sen. Pittman lent her support for the bill, helping push the voucher bill out of committee.

Saying at the time, the legislation “gave me pause,” but was, ultimately, best for the kids in her northeast Oklahoma City district.

State Senate Bill 560, authored by State Sen. Rob Standridge (Rep., Norman), sought to give students in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas access to parts of their state education funding for use at private schools, with low-income students receiving the highest:...

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