Closing Schools

District Pondering Closing Schools

Goal Is to Cut Costs, Superintendent Says

The Oklahoma City Public School System could close schools and reconfigure grades at others.

The closures could result in cutting as much as much as $10 million from the district’s budget, Supt. Aurora Lora said.

“We’re starting to prepare scenarios,” Supt. Lora said. “We can’t keep cutting teachers and supplies, so, at this point, we are looking at possible closures and changes to grade configurations at some schools to save money.” Last spring, the district cut $30 million in salaries, programs, services and supplies to counter the state’s projected budget deficit.

This spring, the district is preparing to cut between $4 million and $10 million in anticipation of a nearly $900 million shortfall the state is projecting for the 2018 fiscal year.

Schools with enrollments of 300 students or less are being considered for...

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