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Retired Senior Asst. U.S. Attorney Dead

Retired Senior Assistant U.S. Attorney Dead at 88

Lawyer Who Represented Dowell in Case Resulting in Integration of City Public Schools

John E. Green Sr., the retired senior assistant U.S. attorney for the Western Oklahoma Federal Jurisdiction, died on March 21.

He was 88.

Probably what was most noteworthy about his career is that he was the lead attorney representing Dr. Alphonso Dowell when the dentist filed the federal lawsuit that resulted in the integration of Oklahoma City public schools.

There’s some irony in that, too, because Mr. Green was only the second Black to graduate from the law school at the University of Oklahoma. The first to do so was Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher.

Mr. Green became something of an icon in Oklahoma because of his accomplishments as an attorney, who rose to higher levels in his profession achieved by few before him.

He not only became the first Black to become an assistant United States attorney, but he went on to hold the position he held upon his retirement.

In 2013, the students at the law school at Oklahoma City University revered him so much that they renamed a group there to be the John E. Green Black Law Student Association.

“He advocated for equality in word and deed while successfully balancing the needs of the community with those of his family.,” a statement released by the...

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