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Thanks to Budget Cuts

Five Elementary Schools In To-Be Closed Proposal

The local school district is proposing a controversial plan to cut costs by closing five elementary schools with low enrollments.

Last week, school board members and community members criticized the plan, which recommends closing Edgemere, Gatewood, F.D. Moon, Green Pastures and Johnson.

A sixth school, Northeast Academy of Health Sciences & Engineering Enterprise, would become a neighborhood middle school serving an estimated 563 students in grades 5-8, including 165 seventh- and eighth-graders from Douglass Mid-High.

Supt. Aurora Lora said the proposed closures would save the cash-strapped district $1.2 million in staff and utility costs and give affected children access to more services.

“Consolidating some of our smaller schools would provide additional educational resources for the students who end up in larger schools, including additional support staff, access to more fine arts and athletic programs, and improved opportunities for teachers to collaborate,” she said.

The district is preparing to slash between $4 million and $10 million from the...

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