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Grand Jury Looks Into Murder Case

Heinous Murder of Church Pastor Gets Revival

ANADARKO--For years, the 2009 bludgeoning death of a church pastor has gone unsolved.

Some have long ago decided the case would never be solved, but, now, the state’s multi-county grand jury is investigating the slaying of the pastor inside a downtown Anadarko church.

Grand jurors specifically are looking into whether a drug dealer was involved in the slaying of Rev. Carol Daniels and, if so, whether she had accomplices.

The main suspect, Denise Kay Cooper, 55, of Anadarko, died of cancer Feb. 21. The suspect, who also was known as Darnell Cooper, spent time in prison for methamphetamine distribution and had a criminal history that included assault.

She was still on probation at the time of her death.

Her son, Jimmy Cooper, testified briefly before the grand jury Tuesday.

The grand jury was asked to investigate by Jason Hicks, the district attorney of Caddo County. Mr. Hicks declined to comment Tuesday but said...

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