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Now, Scaffolding & Old Seats

Page Woodson Remodel Firm Hopes To Seat Many

Scaffolding fills the auditorium at the former Page Woodson School. Old wooden seats lie on the metal bars.

Other seats are piled in the balcony. Spray paint dots the walls between the spots where the paint has chipped or been removed. But Neila Crank Clements, Oklahoma City progress director, knows the space can be grand again.

“We want it to be a cultural and community center,” she said. “We want to host TED talks or Juneteenth or ONE OKC festival, or other community-type events.”

“It will take about $500,000 to transform the auditorium into a modern-day space,” she went on.

“Progress OKC has received some grants to help with the task,” she explained, “but those won’t cover all the needs. “Developer Ron Bradshaw is covering the costs to make the space theater-ready. But his budget doesn’t include expenses such as audiovisual equipment.

The organization is selling seats as a way to raise money for those necessities.

People can purchase name plaques to be put on a new cushioned seat that will be installed once the...

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