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Police Tulsa

Judge Admonishes Tulsa Police Officer

Warns Her After Recent ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

TULSA--The judge presiding over Tulsa police Officer Betty Shelby’s manslaughter trial admonished her in a written order Thursday following her recent interview on a national television show, which occurred after he had cautioned the state and defense on speaking publicly about the case.

The order from Tulsa County District Judge Doug Drummond said Officer Shelby’s case has drawn significant media interest nationwide, which prompted him to send a letter Nov. 28 to attorneys asking that they be “cognizant” of professional conduct rules relating to pretrial publicity.

He said he hopes everyone involved recognizes the potential of pretrial publicity to hamper a fair and impartial trial, and again formally instructed them to follow those rules.

The November letter was not a court order, and Judge Drummond said that...

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