A Racist in the White House?

Setback for U.S. Is Feared as Africa Recoils at Trump Remark

Chronicle News Services

CAPE TOWN--South Africa and Nigeria have joined a chorus of nations condemning President Trump’s inflammatory remarks on immigration, as Africa experts warned that the controversy threatened to set back American interests across the world’s fastest-growing continent.

Since Thursday, when several participants in a meeting with Mr. Trump said he had asked why the United States should take in migrants from “shithole countries,” including Haiti and African nations, the Trump administration has been erratic in its account of what happened.

On Friday, Mr. Trump insisted on Twitter that “this was not the language used,” and on Sunday, he told reporters, “I’m not a racist.” On Monday, Mr. Trump said that a Democratic senator who attended the meeting, Richard J. Durbin, had “totally misrepresented” his comments.

The State Department, meanwhile, has instructed diplomats not to deny Mr. Trump’s remarks, but simply to listen to complaints.

Botswana, Ghana, Haiti, Namibia, Senegal and the African Union have all protested Mr. Trump’s remarks; Botswana asked the United States “to clarify if ...To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper