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The robotics team of the Millwood Elementary Learning Academy will be among the competitors at a conference that began yesterday.

The students are attending the Global Conference on Educational Robotics being held in Indian Wells, Calif.

The conference will continue through Sunday, July 29.

The conference is sponsored by the KIPR Institute in partnership with the National Aeronautics & Space Administration.

The Millwood team (comprised of 12 fifth graders and a fourth grader) will compete the Junior Global Challenge, the Mystery Challenge and the We Are the Kids of the Future competition.

Competitors are familiar with the first two contests, but the third will require students to take on challenges that may be new to them.

That contest will test on-the-spot students’ knowledge of coding and engineering.

The students will also participate in workshops that will further their understanding of engineering, coding and programming.

Susan T. Baldwin, principal of the Millwood Elementary Academy, said attending the conference is “a precursor to our students being involved in project-based learning.”

She said project-based learning will be the focus of instruction at Millwood Elementary.

Beginning the 2018-19 academic year, she said, teachers at the school will start providing students with authentic learning experiences that the use of robotics.

“The use of project-based learning and robotics are part of instructional and learning goals at Millwood Elementary Academy,” the principal said.

Sponsors of the students’ participation in the conference are Tinker U.S. Air Force Base and the Millwood Enrichment Foundation.

Students and parents held fundraising events to help raise the $15,000 it cost to send the students to the educational robotics conference.

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Youngsters can learn with the use of robotics, educators are saying.

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Robotics can be used as an educational tool.

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