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He Says His Name Used Erroneously

NBA-Bound Students Get Steered?

By JOHN W. SIMMS Special to the Chronicle

NEW YORK—An Oklahoma State University assistant coach was among those facing federal corruption charges

The others were from Arizona, Auburn and the University of Southern California.

Authorities said the four assistant coaches were caught taking thousands of dollars in bribes to steer National Basketball Association-destined NCAA stars toward certain sports agents and financial advisors.

The coaches were identified as Chuck Person of Auburn University, Emanuel Richardson of the University of Arizona, Tony Bland of USC and Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State.

Among the six others charged were managers, financial advisors and the director of global sports marketing at Adidas.

“The picture of college basketball painted by the charges is not a pretty one,” said acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim at a news conference.

“That picture includes coaches at some of the nation’s top programs taking cash bribes, managers and advisors circling blue-chip prospects like coyotes, and employees of a global sportswear company funneling cash to...

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