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Jus’ a Fussin’ and a Fightin’

Republicans Feuding, But Democrats Got Problems

WASHINGTON--Democrats have been reveling in the Republican Party’s bitter internal wars in the Trump era, but they have their own festering feud to deal with, a fight between establishment and insurgent wings dating from the 2016 presidential campaign.

That fight burst into view again this week with the disclosure in a new book by Donna Brazile, a longtime party official and strategist, that in 2015 Hillary Clinton’s campaign signed an agreement with the Democratic National Committee that gave it a measure of control over the party’s finances and tactics, a conspicuous advantage over her principal challenger, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Miss Brazile took over as the interim chairwoman of the committee at the start of the party’s 2016 convention after Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida resigned from the post following the leaking of emails obtained by Russian hackers that showed that party officials were working together to the detriment of Mr. Sanders’s campaign.

To some supporters of Mr. Sanders, who remains a powerful, animating figure on the Democratic left, the agreement described by Miss Brazile reignited the anger they felt for Mrs. Clinton and the party during the long battle for the Democratic nomination. Others have moved on and reserve their contempt for the Democratic establishment and what they view as its ineffectual response to President Trump.

“People I talk to on all sides...

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