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Expert: Nolen is Insan

Psychologist Testifies For The Defense

NORMAN--The suspended food plant worker who beheaded a co-worker in 2014 was insane at the time because of mental illness and is getting sicker, a defense expert told jurors Tuesday.

Alton Alexander Nolen “failed to understand the wrongfulness of his actions,” Tulsa psychologist Jeanne Russell said at his murder trial.

“He thought what he did was right and he’s proud of it,” she said.

Mr. Nolen, a Muslim convert, admitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and police that he beheaded one woman and tried to behead another at Vaughan Foods in Moore on Sept. 25, 2014, after being suspended.

“I felt oppressed,” he said in recordings played for the jury last week.

His defense attorneys are asking jurors to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. They have told jurors he thought what he did was “100 percent right” because of delusional misinterpretations of Islamic teachings.

Prosecutors contend Mr. Nolen, 33, of Moore, clearly knew ...

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