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Settlement Made In Discrimination Case

Retaliation Is Claimed by City 911 Supervisor

Chronicle News Services

In a settlement of a discrimination lawsuit, a 911 supervisor has been paid $150,000 by the city of Oklahoma City.

Shannon B. Nealy had claimed she was harassed and retaliated against after she reported she was sexually assaulted.

“I decided to make a report ... as a rape victim and, as a result of that, my job was taken from me,” Miss Nealy told reporters.

“It was very hurtful that something that happened in my personal life was now being brought into my work life and being held against me because I sought justice.”

Miss Nealy, 32, filed an employment discrimination lawsuit last year in federal district court.

In her lawsuit, she alleged she was “passed over” for promotions because she is Black and alleged her superiors retaliated against her after she accused a longtime city employee of rape.

The city in June agreed to settle the case without admitting liability.

Now, she said she plans to help fight for sexual assault victims and encourage them to seek justice.

She already has been sharing her story through public speaking and contributed to a book about women overcoming adversity.

“Filing this lawsuit, it was not about the money,” she said. “It was just me fighting for my rights, me trying to keep my job and I didn’t realize I would have to take it this far.”

Miss Nealy said she resigned as part of the settlement. She had been on paid leave for the last two years, she said.

She was hired by the Oklahoma City Police Department in 2013.

In 2015, she told her superiors she was sexually assaulted by...subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper