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In Flint

Three Officials Facing Charges on Water Matter

Criminal charges against three men in Michigan on Wednesday marked a milestone in a crisis that's been years in the making, potentially harmed tens of thousands of people and cast a harsh spotlight on infrastructure issues across the country.
Mike Glasgow, Stephen Busch and Mike Prysby could face years of prison time if they're convicted. They're the first government employees to face charges tied to the Flint water crisis.
But they shouldn't be the last, according to residents of the city who had water contaminated with lead pumped into their homes. Nakiya Wakes, who believes the contaminated water caused her to have two miscarriages, said holding three officials accountable "is a start, but only a start."
"I won't rest until the governor is charged," she told CNN.
The case is far from closed. Busch and Prysby have pleaded not guilty. Glasgow has yet to appear in court.
State Attorney General Bill Schuette told reporters that the charges "are only the beginning" of a lengthy and exhaustive probe. "No one is above the law, not on my watch," he said.
Gov. Rick Snyder maintained that he'd done nothing wrong. "Due process," he said, will reveal whether anyone acted criminally. "What I've said consistently from the beginning is this tragic situation was the result of bad decisions by bureaucrats. Again, I always described it as people lacking common sense. This puts it in the context of criminal behavior," Snyder said. "Was it actually criminal? Or was it poor decision-making? And again, I'm not looking for vindication. This is about getting to the truth, getting to accountability."

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