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Fed Agency, District Settle

Discipline Issues Now Resolved

The Oklahoma City Public School District has resolved a nearly two-year-old federal complaint alleging the district punished Black and Hispanic students more frequently and for longer periods than whites.

The federal Department of Education announced a settlement agreement, which directs the school district to “correct” discipline practices to ensure the district satisfies its “civil rights obligations” to students going forward.

The federal agency began investigating after a parent filed a complaint in May 2014 alleging the district discriminated against Hispanic and Black students by disciplining them “more frequently and more harshly” that “similarly situated” white students.

Investigators with the department’s Office of Civil Rights concluded the district referred Black students for discipline more than three times as often as white students during the 2014-2015 school year.

Black students were referred 2,973 times, while white students were referred

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