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Computer App Used to Ensnare Male Victims


An Oklahoma City man has been arrested, and is suspected of operating a scam involving an app that offers dating, but, with him, results into the kidnapping and robbing of men seeking dates with other men.

Deaunte Romaine McPherson, 31, was arrested Sunday after police believed he was involved in kidnapping and robbing several men.

He is suspected of luring his male victims with a dating app.

Police said, at about 9:50 p.m. on Sept. 8, a man ran to a business in the 220 block of SW 35th Street and asked employees to let him call police.

He told officers that he had been kidnapped and robbed at a home nearby before escaping.

At the scene of the reported kidnapping, the man, who lives in Kingfisher, said he was staying at an Oklahoma City hotel and had been communicating with someone on Grindr, which police described as a “dating app for gay men,” according to a police report.

The man said he did not know who the person was, but that they had agreed to meet at 330 SW 34th Street to have sex.

After arriving at the house, the man told officers a Hispanic man was standing at the end of a long driveway and motioned for him to come to a detached garage.

The victim told police that he couldn’t see anything inside the garage since it was so dark, but...To Read More...subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper