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In New York

Five Officers Convicted on Beating Inmate at City Jail

NEW YORK--Five correction officers accused in the brutal beating of a Rikers Island inmate were convicted of all charges on Tuesday, including the most serious count of first-degree attempted gang assault, in a case that shined a harsh light on the New York City jail complex.

The inmate at the center of the case, Jahmal Lightfoot, said after the verdict that “justice got served.”

“They beat me almost to death,” he continued, “and I hope that nobody has to go through that.”

The outcome was a major victory for law enforcement officials who have struggled to successfully prosecute correction officers accused of brutality, in part because of negative perceptions and credibility problems with victims who are in jails and prisons.

“Today’s convictions make a strong statement: Savagely beating an inmate will not be tolerated in the city’s jails,” said Mark G. Peters, the commissioner of the city’s Investigation Department, which worked on the Lightfoot case.

It was also seen as the first major test for the Bronx district attorney, Darcel D. Clark, who has made prosecuting crimes committed at Rikers a priority at a time when the jail complex has

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