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David Holt

With 78%

Holt Is Elected As Mayor With Ease

By JOHN W. SIMMS Special to the Chronicle

State Sen. David Holt, a previous chief of staff to the current mayor, easily trounced his two opponents Tuesday to be elected to lead Oklahoma City the next four years.

Mr. Holt will become the 36th mayor of the state’s largest metropolitan area.

Late Tuesday night with most of precincts counted, Mr. Holt had 20,409 votes, or 78.5 percent.

Randall Smith had 2,138 votes, or 8.2 percent, and Taylor Neighbors had 3,443 votes, or 13.3 percent.

At 38, Mr. Holt ran on a theme of unity, saying he will give a significant voice to those who may not have had a strong voice in city politics.

“I’m honored at the chance to be the mayor of my hometown,” he said.

Mr. Holt built a network anchored by 1,300 endorsements and a deep résumé in city politics.

The winning candidate said he looked forward to leveraging the coalition he assembled “to write the next chapter in our city’s history.”

“Working together is the only way for a diverse city to succeed,” he said.

He said the election results as a mandate for his vision to move Oklahoma City forward.

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