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In Toronto

Black Lives Matter, Say Canadians Angered by Police Shootings

Chronicle News Services

TORONTO--Police shootings and abuses are all-too-familiar flashpoints in the United States’ tense national conversation about race, privilege and power, but until recently, many Canadians believed that those problems stopped on the American side of the border. That belief has been eroded by a growing protest movement in Toronto, fueled by several police shootings of Black Canadians. The protests have laid bare the frustrations of Black residents who say their complaints about discrimination and abuse, including being singled out for a police practice called carding, have been ignored for too long by the Canadian establishment. Amadeus Marquez, 29, who is Black, said that ever since he was in elementary school, the police had regularly stopped him to ask what he was doing. As he grew order, he said, they also demanded identification. Asking why, he quickly discovered w s not an option. “I’ve had a cop throw me onto the hood or a car or tell me he’s going to break my jaw, just to see my ID,” said Mr. Marquez, a chef and a dancer who grew up in Toronto, Canada’s most populous city. Many of his friends have experienced similar treatment from the police, he said. The street checks, called carding, were supposed to

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