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Board Votes

District to Expand Drug, Alcohol Testing

By JOHN W. SIMMS Chronicle News Services

The Oklahoma City Public School District will expand its drug and alcohol testing policy to allow for testing of employees after a work-related injury or if there is reasonable suspicion.

The school board unanimously approved the policy revision—a first for the state’s largest district—during Monday night’s regular meeting.

Under the current policy, the district only tests job applicants after a job offer has been extended but before they report to work. A more extensive program exists for bus drivers and mechanics that includes random testing.

The revised testing policy is expected to be implemented in July.

In addition to for-cause and post-accident testing, the new policy allows for post-rehabilitation testing, as well as random testing of certain employees, including armed security guards who work nights.

Certified personnel, including teachers, are not subject to random testing program.

Chief Human Resources Officer Janis Perrault said the savings to the district will be “significant,” but she declined to elaborate.

In February, Perrault told the board the district could save as much as $1 million a year in workers’ compensation costs if all employees were tested under similar circumstances.

Ed Allen, president of the union that bargains with the district on behalf of 2,800 teachers, said the district needed a more

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