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peaceful Black Lives Matter rally in OKC

Thousands attend peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Thousands of Oklahomans participated in a peaceful Black Live Matter Oklahoma rally on Sunday.
Local activists came together to stand up for the black lives lost after being shot by police.
Speaking out against violence and asking for peace was something organizers preached to the crowd.
Police were out in full force to make sure the event stayed calm.
Following the event, the Oklahoma City Police Department issued the following statement:
A march and rally were held this evening by organizers of the Black Lives Matters movement. The event was planned to be held in Bricktown from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Oklahoma City police have been working closely with event organizers to coordinate a safe environment for organizers, participants, onlookers and police.
The Oklahoma City Police Department had about 100 officers working the event. The officers included Bricktown bike officers, Tactical Unit officers, Emergency Response Team members, Criminal Intelligence officers, and officers from various patrol divisions. We also had assistance from the FBI and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.
The event began with a march of an estimated 2000-2500 people from NW 2nd and Walnut to the Harkins Plaza. The rally included multiple speakers, music and prayer. Overall the event was very positive and uneventful with few incidents. Seven people were treated for heat related illnesses. One uncooperative spectator (non-protester) caused a disturbance and was arrested. Six counter-protesters from a pro-Confederate flag movement were in attendance but left halfway through the event. This group did not have a permit to assemble.
The vast majority of the crowd was pleasant and supportive of the police officers working the event. Several hugs, handshakes and “thank you” were exchanged as well as pictures with police officers. We are proud to have been able to protect the 1st Amendment Rights of the participants of today’s demonstration without incidents. - Capt. Paco Balderrama, Public Information Officer

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