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Protesters in Oklahoma City Dismiss fear to March

Amid similar demonstrations and protests nationwide, Oklahoma City resident Sarah Lilly had multiple reasons to attend a Black Lives Matter march and rally in her city.

On top of showing solidarity and support for the movement, Lilly wanted her 14-year-old bi-racial daughter to share this experience and see a community that seeks justice for all. Following the violence in Dallas last week, in which 13 police officers were shot by a lone gunman and five of them were killed, attending the rally became a much more difficult decision for a mother to make.

In the end, necessity trumped fear for Lilly and the thousands who marched Sunday afternoon.

"It has to happen," she said. "People have to speak up. We have to move forward."

The events in Dallas were definitely on the minds of the Black Lives Matter protesters. Adam Curtis, who served in the military overseas before coming to Oklahoma about four years ago, said it was part of the reason he decided to attend.

"Basically, just to see the outcome of what goes on, to see if there's going to be violence or not," he said

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