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Physician Is Commended

Wilson Applauded For His Leadership

Dr. Frank E. Wilson III, the retired obstetrician/gynecologist and a civic leader, was applauded at an affair held in his honor sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma.
Dr. Wilson was commended for his “career and leadership” at the July 8 event held at the IAO Art Gallery.
The affair was attended by some of his former colleagues, partners, doctors, as well as family members and members of “the Planned Parenthood community.”
Dr. Wilson has served as medical director of Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma. He practiced medicine in Oklahoma City for 51 years prior to his retirement.
“He has delivered thousands of babies, and trained an innumerable number of doctors,” a statement by Planned Parenthood said.
“He has been a leader in his profession and community”
“Dr. Wilson retired after a career of significant accomplishments and service on June 14th, his 80th

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