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McDaniel Pleased

School Board Approves Lora’s KIPP Proposal

On Monday, , the Oklahoma City school board approved a modified expansion plan for KIPP Reach Academy that will allow the school to occupy an existing elementary school building while a task force explores other possible locations.
Board members voted 7-1 to accept Supt. Aurora Lora’s recommendation for future expansion by KIPP Academy, which will relocate about 300 middle school students to Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School next month while a committee determines where KIPP will open an elementary school in 2017 and a high school in 2018.
The principal of the charter school said he was pleased with the vote.
“It will not necessarily be at King,” Supt. Lora said after the vote. “It could be at King if families learn about it and are interested. But if they are not I mean, we will work with the community to find the best building for [KIPP] to go into, [and the same me for Douglass (Mid-High School]”
The task force, which Supt. Lora said will be assembled next month, also will consider the consolidation of district schools in the northeast quadrant, where both schools targeted for expansion by Tracy McDaniel, the charter school’s principal are underutilized.
“One of the things that I’ve heard loud and clear from families is that there needs to be more support for neighborhood schools,” Supt. Lora said. “So, this process is going to identify what those initial supports are, and then help us determine where those schools might go, whether it’s their own separate building, a building that’s vacant, those kind of things. It will be somewhere in the northeast but not necessarily where they were recommending.”
Mr. McDaniel proposed moving from a building it shares with F.D. Moon Academy into Martin Luther King Elementary and adding 600 elementary school seats beginning with the

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