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Pettis Touts Experience

Background in Government Said Asset

John Albert Pettis, who is one of the candidates on the Tuesday, Aug. 28, special election ballot to fill a Ward 7 City Council seat, said his “experience counts.”

Rev. Lee Cooper Jr. is the interim councilman appointed by the City Council to fill the seat left vacant with the May 31 resignation of Councilman John A. Pettis Jr.

The candidate on the special election ballot said, if elected, he is prepared to be a “full-time office” office holder.

“I want to ensure the best representation for Ward 7 residents,” the special election candidate said in a statement.

“Decisions made by the City Council have a far-reaching effect on the daily lives of citizens,” Mr. Pettis said.

“The council is one of the most important bodies in local government and the residents of Ward 7 deserve the best representation available.”

Mr. Pettis has served 12 years on the City Council in El Reno and was that city’s mayor for five years.

“It is not only my experience in city government that’s important,” he said, “but I also had a 36-year career with the Oklahoma Housing Finance Authority.”

With that agency, he worked to help individuals and communities “to meet their housing needs.”

“All of that makes me the most prepared of all the candidates to serve Ward 7,” the candidate commented.

“Not only do I have the professional experience,” he continued, “I have been an active community worker, assisting former City Council members Willa Johnson and John A. Pettis Jr. in various...To Read More...subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper