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KKK Robe Given

Colack Teacher Presented Racist Items at Event

A retired agriculture teacher from Elk City presented a Black teacher with a white, KKK like robe and Confederate flag at a state CareerTech conference in Oklahoma City last week,.

That incident that has drawn rebuke from lawmakers and an investigation by the state agency overseeing Oklahoma’s CareerTech program.

The incident pccirred during the annual Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Summer Conference at the Cox Convention Center on Aug. 2.

Larry Long was being recognized for nearly 49 years of agriculture teaching during one of the conference’s sessions.

Mr. Long called a Black colleague to join him upfront and presented him with the robe and flag.

Several people with knowledge of the situation said, apparently, Mr. ong knew the Black teacher and presented the robe and flag in an attempt to make a joke.

Mr. Long retired from Elk City High School this year.

Members of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus called for a complete investigation and the removal of Mr. Long from any government boards or commissions.

“We cannot allow this type of incident to take place under the authority of a state-funded entity,” saidState Sen. Kevin Matthews, (Dem., Tulsa), chairman of the caucus. .

“As we gain the facts in the past 24 hours, we immediately began dialogue with the director of the CareerTech.”

The board of Elk City Public School District recently

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