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Echols: Key Man Inside

Jim Echols previously served in the administration of Gov. George Nigh of Oklahoma.

KANSAS CITY, Kan.--In the midst of the hotly contested 2014 Kansas governor’s race, who would lead a group titled Democrats for Gov. Sam Brownback’s?

Meet Jim Echols. He’s probably not what you would expect.

A retired U.S. Army veteran and a volunteer, Mr. Echols donated numerous hours to help deliver Wyandotte County for Obama in his 2008 presidential bid. Based on his success as a political organizer, in 2012, Mr. Echols was recruited and worked as an Obama staffer in Iowa. His campaign experience, plus his level of influence and connection in Kansas City, was enough to get Gov. Brownback’s’s attention.

Gov. Brownback’s sought out and asked for Mr. Echols’ help. As a volunteer, Mr. Echols worked to help convert heavily Democratic Wyandotte voters into Gov. Brownback’s supporters. Mr. Echols did his job. He found numerous opportunities to get both the Governor and his wife before Kansas City voters.

Days before the election, pollsters were predicting a narrow Paul Davis victory and a major loss for Gov. Brownback’s in the Kansas City market. In the end, both predictions were wrong. Gov. Brownback’s squeaked out a victory and

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