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After Complaint, Pettis Amends

Councilman Changes Ethics Report on Contributions

After a complaint was filed against City Councilman John Pettis Jr. (Ward 7) over his campaign contributions report, filings, the northeast Oklahoma Cityan filed an amendment. Campaign contribution reports are required to be filed with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. The complaint had been filed regarding a large northeast Oklahoma City development project and was filed by opponents to that project. Councilman Pettis amended campaign finance reports on May 30. The ethics commission informed the city councilman a few days ago that the complaint had been dismissed after being accused of ethics violations by opponents of a high-profile northeast Oklahoma City development. Located in Councilman Pettis’ northeast-side ward at N. Eastern Avenue and the Kilpatrick, a large Turnpike, the Eastern Ridge development is to include an upscale Warren movie theater. The City Council approved a rezoning application for the...

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