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96% Say Yes

Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Proposition

Voters in the Millwood Public School District overwhelmingly approved a proposition to switch to using the Metro Tech Centers instead of the Francis Tuttle Vocational-Technical facilities. On Tuesday, oters chose by landslide proportions to say yes to the proposition.

Wotj a 96.02 percemt margin, 193 Millwood District voters approved the proposition. Only 3.98 percent (8 voters) said no to the measure. Officials from both Millwood and Metro Tech were enthused about the election results.

"The Millwood Public School District is elated by the overwhelming support for our move to join Metro Technology Centers,” commented Cecilia Robinson Woods, superintendent of the Millwood district. “This vote allows us to formally begin preparing with Metro Tech,” Supt. Ford continued, “to ensure that all Millwood students have the opportunity to adequately prepare for a career or to go on to college.” She said Metro Tech’s close proximity to Millwood schools is another advantage of the proposition’s approval.

“Having a local partner will extremely advantageous as we work together to provide early exposure to careers for students,” she said, pointing to yet another advantage she believes will now exist. “We are truly thankful for the community's support."

The superintendent of Metro Tech was equally pleased with Tuesday’s vote.

“We are excited and honored to welcome Millwood public schools as a partner to the Metro Technology Centers,” Metro Tech Supt. Elaine Stith remarked.

“There is so much opportunity with this partnership, and Metro Tech is committed to establishing a comprehensive relationship that will bring great benefit to the students, staff and community of Millwood,” Dr. Stith added.